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Essay #4: Carbon Footprint

Learning Objectives


Before you begin this assignment, complete Exercise 4. At the end of Exercise 4 you were asked to make pledges to reduce your carbon footprint by 50%. For this essay assignment, you will try to reduce your personal GHG emissions by 50% for one day. In your essay, describe what actions you took and what the experience was like.


For this essay, answer the following questions and prompts.

1. Discuss what individuals can do to reduce their GHG emissions:

2. Describe a day in which you attempt to reduce your own emissions by 50%:

3. Discuss the costs and benefits of reducing your emissions:

4. Analyze which actions you found most useful




• Title page with your name, date, essay title
• 2-3 pages double spaced
• 12 point font, Times New Roman
• 1” margins
• You must use at least 4 references
• Include in-text citations and a reference list for any sources you use. The reference list does not count toward your page limit.
• Refer to the documents on Essay Writing and Formatting for examples and more details.