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Topic #6: Mitigation Strategies: Transportation


Bloom's Taxonomy

Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this topic’s activities, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between fuels used for transportation and those used to produce electricity.
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of each fuel type and energy source.
  • Identify which fuels and energy sources are ‘clean’ (emit no greenhouse gasses) and discuss the relative potential of each kind of energy to generate greenhouse gasses.
  • Analyze and discuss which form or forms of power generation would be best for a specific location.
Video Videos

Transport Intro. This video introduces mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

CAFE. This video examines factors that influence fuel efficiencies of personal vehicles.

Hydrogen. This video explores the use of alternative fuels, such as natural gas or hydrogen, to power personal vehicles.

Electric Car. This video presents information about electric vehicles and the use of biofuels for transportation.

Biofuels. This video concludes an analysis of biofuels and transportation GHG emissions.




    IPCC Mitigation of Climate Change Report, Transportation. This website presents an overview of transportation technologies. It analyzes how GHG emissions from transport will change over the next twenty years and the ways in which we can make transport more efficient and reduce its reliance on fuel sources that produce GHGs. It provides a realistic assessment of the life cycle of alternative fuel sources with attention to how the production of those fuels contributes to GHG emissions. It also assesses the likelihood of adoption of alternate fuels, with attention to growth of the transportation sector.

This week you will be writing and turning in Essay 3. In this essay, you will explore how climate change affects different species. Before you begin this assignment, you will need to e-mail your TA the top 3 species you would like to write about. Your TA will tell you which species you are assigned. The purpose of this essay is to learn how climate change affects different species. You may choose any species except humans and polar bears. Keep in mind you can select an animal, plant, fungus, bacteria, protozoa, or virus. The species you select does NOT need to be endangered, nor does it need to be negatively affected by climate change (remember, some species will do better as the climate changes).